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VS1 AND VOICE SYNTHESIZER EDITOR 2 2.2. VS1 VOICE SYNTHESIZER EDITOR SOFTWARE The VS1 requires an IBM or IBM-compatible computer with at least 256K of available RAM memory, along with DOS 2.1 or greater. It requires an 80-column by 25-line monitor. This monitor can be Monochrome, Text, CGA, EGA, VGA, etc. The VS1 Voice Synthesizer Editor can be run

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[PDF] IBM TotalStorage Product Guide

FileName: IBM_TotalStorage_Product_Guide_TSB00364USEN.PDF

IBM TotalStorage ® Resiliency Family VS1 Data Cartridge DLT 4000 DLT 7000 DLT 8000 VS1 548/1800 548/1800 548/1800 563/1850 20GB 35GB 40GB 80GB 40GB 70GB 80GB 160GB 59H3040 59H3040 59H3040 18P8923 Cleaning Cartridge - DLT Cleaning Cartridge - VS160 59H3092 18P8924

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FileName: 19750013600.pdf

  • NASTRAN is executed on an IBM 360/370 computer by more than 60 percent of the official NASTRAN users
  • Many of the IBM 370 models now have a new capability called Virtual Storage (VS)
  • This study was conducted to determine the necessary modifications to make NASTRAN operational under virtual storage operating systems (VS1 and

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[PDF] Installing the IBM N series NFS Plug in 1.0.20 for VMware VAAI

FileName: sc27423601_overview.pdf

Installing the IBM N series NFS Plug-in for VAAI (VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration) involves For more information about enabling NFS and using VMware vSphere, see the manuals listed in Step 10. About this task v vs1 is the name of the SVM .

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[PDF] IBM Mainframe Operating Systems: Timeline and Brief

FileName: $OSTL33.pdf

2 Contents Page • 3 Short introduction and IBM Motto • 4 Pictures • 7 IBM operating systems which are known to run under Hercules • 8 Brief history of the System/360 • 10 Summary of IBM mainframe operating systems • 12 Operating System Progressions • 13 Dates • 15 Program Products statement (licensed products) • 15 DOS/360 History

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[PDF] The Access Control Facility

FileName: 198501_Access Control Facility General Information Manual.pdf

  • These manuals provide detailed explanations, examples, and instructions on the use of ACF2
  • DESIGN PHILOSOPHY ACF2 has been designed as an extension to the IBM OS/VS - MVS Operating System
  • It provides the abilIty to control access to the computer system and to control access to data residing on the direct access

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FileName: IT2000.pdf

1.2 Hardware Configuration: IBM PC AT Architecture and dedicated hardware 1.3 Memory Main memory: 4MB 16Mbit DRAM × 2 File memory: 0MB (for D10 Model) 9 OE# I Output enable 43 VS1# O 5 V Detect 10 A11 I Address11 44 IORD# I I/O Read 11 A9 I Address9 45 IOWR# I I/O Write 12 A8 I Address8 46 A17 I Address17

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[PDF] DocNr Titel Binder Box Pages Year UpdateTo Source

FileName: Manuals-Hardware.pdf

GY27-7128-6 IBM System/360 OS: Job Management with MFT, Program Logic Manual 010 1971 Y27-7128-4 LY38-3018-5 NTO Diagnosis and Logic 010 1983 N GC28-0688-2 OS/VS2 SPL: VTAM 010 1977 computinghistory GC28-0688-2

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[PDF] IMB 156

FileName: IMB-156M.pdf

vs1 1 1 3 2 d 2 m s e com port 1 com port 2 com vga1 port 3 top: lan2 usb 3.0 t: usb3 b: usb2 top: lan1 usb 3.0 t: usb1 b: usb0 t: e u t: i i n t 1 1 2 1 1 1 blt_vol1 1 blt_pwr1 1 pnl_pwr1 bkt_pwr1 1 bl1 spdif1 pcie1 1 1 pwr_jp1 jgpio_set1 1 blt_pwm1 vga2 1 com4 1 com5 1 com6 1 panel1 hdled reset pled pwrbtn 1 1 pwr_com4 pwr_com5 pwr_com6 1

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FileName: resume.pdf

  • 4/85 - 8/85 IBM Corporation, Los Angeles, California Systems Engineer for Information Systems Services
  • Provided software analysis technical reports of assembler language and PL/S code to IBM legal counsel
  • 9/83 - 4/85 Great Western Savings and Loan, Northridge, California Programmer/Analyst responsible for support of the consumer loan system

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[PDF] European Mainframe Academy

FileName: Mainframe_Intro.pdf

European Mainframe Academy Ausgangssituation Die z/OS-Plattform hat stabilen Bestand Mehr als 50% der z/OS-Fachkräfte sind älter als 50 Jahre Technische Entwicklungen fordern „neues“ Denken z/OS-Wissen wird an deutschen Hochschulen meist nur theoretisch und in geringem Umfang vermittelt Am Arbeitsmarkt sind z/OS-Fachkräfte kaum verfügbar

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[PDF] Visit PassLeader and Download Full Version NS0 157 Exam …

FileName: 28414.pdf

volume snapshot autodelete modify -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -enabled true -commitment disrupt -trigger volume -target-free-space 25 -destroy-list lun_clone,file_clone Volume modify successful on volume:vol1

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FileName: barr tran Manual.pdf

  • Mainframe file structures (for example, IBM MVS, VS1/RES)
  • 1.1 Barr RJE Software Barr RJE software—for example, BARR/RJ E, BARR/HASP, and BARR/3780—already contains file transfer software required for th e computer
  • See your Barr RJE manual for these common file transfer operations
  • Without additional software, you can:

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FileName: tnd0201.pdf

  • The Network Director are referenced to other manuals associated with the product for more information
  • Wherever possible, this manual has avoided the specific use of technical terms and acronyms
  • This has been done to improve the readability of the manual in general
  • Generic terms have been used when they would suffice (terminal instead of

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FileName: DX-VS1UE_CZ.pdf

• Procesor : Intel Pentium nebo Intel Celeron, IBM PC/AT kompatibilní počítač s CPU 400MHz (a rychlejším) • OS: Windows 98SE/ME/NT4.0 WS SP6/2000/XP SP1 • RAM : 128MB (a více) • Grafická karta a monitor se schopností zobrazení 1024x768 bodů ve více než 32768 barvách

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FileName: compnews_oct87_03_01.pdf;sequence=1

  • IBM 4341 NOTES Back Up Your IBM Flies Files stored on disk on the IBM''s VS1 and CMS systems are copied onto tape regularly by Computin g Center staff
  • This backup procedure, which is intended for disaster recovery, normally takes place between 7 and 9 am
  • Starting October 12, the schedule will be: Mon

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[PDF] BARR/RJE Host Definition Guide

FileName: BARR RJE Host Definition Guide Manual.pdf

  • The software emulates IBM 3777-3, System/36 with MSRJE, 8100, and 3790 workstations
  • It also emulates SNA PU Type 2, LU Type 1, SCS printers
  • Software features include operator console control, print spooling, and support for multiple printers and special forms
  • Additional options support PC-attached S/370 channel printers and magnetic tape trans-

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[PDF] And ·so4 D.irect Access Storage

FileName: GA26-1664-3_3380ModelsA04AA4B04DirectAccessStorageDescriptionUsersGuide_Dec84.pdf

  • Such information is detailed in manuals that apply to other devices as well as the 3380
  • These manuals are the bibliography
  • The 3380 Models AD4, BD4, AE4, and BE4 are de­ scribed in the following manuals: • IBM 3380 Models AD4, BD4, AE4, and BE4 Direct Access Storage General Information, GC26-4193 • IBM 3380 Direct Access Storage:

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[PDF] Hercules – User Reference Guide

FileName: HerculesUserReference.pdf

  • Hercules System/370, ESA/390, z/Architecture Emulator
  • Hercules User Reference Guide

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[PDF] LAZARUS based IBM SYSTEM 360 simulator IBM SYSTEM 360

FileName: LAZARUS-sim360c-notes.pdf

  • The first IBM 360 the author used at Thos Cook & Son Ltd, this is a 360/30 and the author used BPS, BOS, and DOS on this system
  • Later he used the 360/50 and 65, the 370/145, 138, 148, 158 under various operating systems including MFT and MVT, VS1/SVS, VS2/MVS, then GCS under VM
  • This simulator is close to the 360 architecture

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[PDF] Data Processing Division Program Announcement

FileName: VM370-BlueLetter-1972.pdf

  • IBM Virtual Machine Facility/370: Introduction (GC20-1800), is available from Medianicsburg
  • Other manuals to be available at a later date include logic manuals, as well as planning, system generation, command language, system operator, terminal user, and programmer guides
  • Titles and form numbers will be announced in a future Publications

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[PDF] HP4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer.

FileName: semiconductorparameteranalyzer.pdf

  • SMU1, SM2, SM3, SM4, Vs1, Vs2, Vm1, and Vm2 are available on the test-fixture
  • The ground of those programmable devices, i.e
  • 1 and 4 are all connected to the ground of the SPA
  • The cables between the SPA and the test-fixture are triax cables
  • The inner shield of those is connected to Gd1, Gd2, Gd3, and Gd4 connector

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[PDF] Introduction to DOS/VS

FileName: GC3353705IntroductiontoDOSVSRel34Apr77.2318386198.pdf

  • DOS/VS Documentation is a brief survey of DOS/VS manuals
  • The reader is expected to have a basic knowledge of data processing
  • Supplementary information about System/370 functions and instructions may be found in IBM System/370 Principles of Operation, together with IBM System/360 Principles of …

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FileName: tnc0001.pdf

Network Center installation, and optional Component manuals, which are distributed to Network Center installations based on Component license. The base set includes the following manuals: • General Information (TNC-0001): A general overview of the Network Center and each optional Component.

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[PDF] Lagout

FileName: GC33-4021-3_vsAsmPgmr_Feb76.pdf

Read This First This Manual and Who It Is For This manual is for programmers who code in the assembler language. It is intended to help you assemble, link edit, and execute your p

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[PDF] Exam Name: NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered

FileName: 6575

Cluster::> volume snapshot autodelete modify -vserver vs1 -volume v01 -enabled true - commitment ? try disrupt destroy QUESTION 4 A customer wants to retire a broadcast domain called bcast1 from the cluster. All network ports and data LIFs previously using bcast1 have been moved to …

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[PDF] Exam Name: NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered

FileName: 5304

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